TATU  is  an  EU  TEMPUS  IV  project in the Higher Education and Society Action 2013  - 2016. TATU aim is to enhance the employability of university graduates and  Life lonf Learning (LLL) in the field of  industrial automation by the introduction of European standards of education through practical examples.

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Aims and Advantages:

The TATU aims to build 5 training centers in each Partner university ready to provide certified trainings in different fields of industrial automation for  UA  students and young specialists from the enterprises. All UA  universities are leading in the field of automation technology in different industrial fields  (manufacturing processes, automation technology in maritime transport, coal, oil and gas industry, electronics, etc.). The TATU consortium consists of 6 EU partners, 5 UA Universities and a Min-istry of Education and Sciences of UA. The project  budget  is  865.134  €. Dusseldorf University  of Applied Sciences  (DU-AS) is a project coordinator.

TATU Wider objectives:

• To promote the modernization of higher education in Ukraine using the experience of the other EU Countries.
• To enhance the employability of university graduates and LLL by offering special training modules in the field of industrial automation.
• Preparation of  competitive trainers  in industrial automation in 5 UA universities. 
• Meeting the local needs of Ukrainian industry in lack of specialists in industrial automation.
• Development of the partnership  with enterprises.

The TEMPUS highlights are the promotion of  multilateral cooperation among higher education institutions, authorities and other organizations in the  EU and partner countries to the reform and modernize  the  higher education in partner countries. 

TATU Specific objectives:

• Improved education as well as modernization and accreditation of the curricula in 5 Ukrainian universities in automation technologies. 
• 5  certified TATU training centres in UA universities,  equipped with 20 TATU Smart labs  ready to provide trainings in accordance to the demands of Ukrainian automation.
• Working E-Learning & Collaboration Platform in order to provide e-Learning courses and to share materials and information between EU and UA partners.

Outcomes and Outputs

In order to obtain this objective the partnership will develop in consultation with enterprises, professional organizations and training centers special TATU mobile smart labs
(TSL) and training materials for them.

The planned TATU results are:

• 20 Mobile smart labs in industrial automation (4 for each Ukrainian university).
• 5 certified  equipped  training centers (1 for each Ukrainian university).
• Qualified teaching materials in English and national language ready to use for teaching process as well as for LLL and trainings of postgraduates.
• Certificated E-Learning courses  for students and for LLL.