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About Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences

Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences (DUAS) – – project coordinator Tempus project TATU.

DUAS was founded in 1971, belongs to an educational facility of the public right in North-Rhine-Westphalia and is one of the largest universities in the country. Major task of the DUAS is the training of students with the certification of a diploma engineer graduated (FH), bachelor and master in the education areas of  architecture, design, social and cultural sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, media and economics. DUAS has approximately 9000 full-time students, 190 full-time professors as well as 220 scientific and not-scientific employees in part- and full time (approx. 200 full-time employee places). There are existing co-operation agreements with 40 partner universities world-wide. DUAS forces a lot of research in the e-learning range and is involved in a couple of national and international activities.