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Dominique Daens – Lab Factury Automation



Lab Factury Automation


Erwin Smet – Total Quality Management

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  “TQM coordinator in the Department of Industrial Sciences and Technology at KdG between 2002 and 2013.

 Bestuursmandaat (Bestuursorgaan)

  • Onderwijscommissie Faculteit TI (effectief stemgerechtigd lid)
Expertenmandaat (Expertenorgaan)
  • Studievoortgangscommissie Faculteit TI (effectief stemgerechtigd lid)


Foto IDSofie Krol – International Coordinator

 (1)   Correction sentence 1 = International Coordinator in the Department of Industrial Sciences & Technology at the Karel the Grote-Hogeschool from 2001 to 2013. Since September 2013 she is coordinating the Faculty of Applied Engineering in the University of Antwerp.

 (2)   1 more sentence at the end = …. CoNeT project and since October 2013 coordinator of the LLP project G-DRIVE, a joint Master in Automotive Engineering.