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Start TEMPUS project "Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine" (TATU)

1 December 2013 Start TEMPUS project "Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine" (TATU).

Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine TATU.

Project Number: 544010-TEMPUS- 1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES

Duration: from 1 December 2013 to 30 November 2016.

In order to support higher education institutions in the European Neighborhood countries in
the successful transition to a knowledge-based economy and society the modernization and
reform the higher education are needed. The signing of Bologna Declaration fosters the
modernization and reform of the higher education especially in technical subjects.
The purpose of this Call is to promote multilateral cooperation among higher education insti-
tutions, authorities and organisations from EU Member States and partner countries with the
focus on the reform and modernisation of higher education
The TATU Project aims to train automation engineers, maintenance engineers, process
workers and students, both graduate and undergraduate, in modern wired and wireless in-
dustrial network technology applied to control operations and automated solutions.

The objective of the TATU project is to meet the challenges of the knowledge-based socie-
ty, to enhance the competitiveness  of companies and to improve the employability of em-
ployees and future graduates in Ukraine.  
In the realms of the TATU (Trainings in Automation Technologies for Ukraine) Tempus Joint
Project is offered the following: 
●  Design and development of mobile smart labs in the field of industrial automation
based on the CMLs realized in LLP EU-funded project CoNeT (2009-2012).  
●  To create/modify the training materials according to the needs of Ukrainian universi-
ties and local industry (including their translation into national language)
●  To provide trainings to the Ukrainian universities staff members and non-university
trainers in modern industrial automation technologies 
●  To prepare future trainers for students and postgraduates after the end of the project 
●  To enhance the employability of the university graduates in the fields of industrial au-
●  To evaluate the training materials in accordance with the specific needs of the Ukrain-
ian market 

To foster international academic mobility and student exchange experiences through
participation in trainings in industrial automation.

●  To provide distance learning / open learning platform (also accessible from mobile
post-PC devices - Smartphones, Tablets etc) for university and non-university teach-
ers, experts in companies as well as students.
The project is planned to run initially for 36 month.