EU Co funded

International Workshop 2 in Limerick

From 14 to 20 September 2014. within the framework of the TEMPUS 544010 "Training in automation technology for Ukraine» (TATU) in Limerick (Ireland) held a seminar for representatives of Ukrainian universities - the project participants. 

The seminar was held at the Research Center of Automation, University of Limerick. 


In this seminar leading experts in the field of automation held lectures for teachers of universities in Ukraine. 

Considered the core technology in the field of automation, such as Profibus, Profinet, conducted laboratory workshops on data subjects. Also addressed by the use of digital technologies in the remote and technical education. Presented the pedagogical concept of the project and a common platform for collaboration. Discussed the final concept of mobile laboratories. 

The final task of the meeting was to discuss work plans and preparation for the meeting in Odessa, as well as a discussion of the project site, and plans to conduct promotional activities, design a handout.