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GM7 Valencia

From 17 to 20 October 2016  in UPV, Valencia, held the 7th working meeting (GM7) Tempus project «TATU» (automation technology for Ukraine 544010-TEMPUS-1-2013- 1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES).

Considered Technical capabilities of the establishment of a  TATU IIoT Platform.

The IIoT is part of a larger concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a network of intelligent computers, devices, and objects that collect and share huge amounts of data. The collected data is sent to a central Cloud-based service where it is aggregated with other data and then shared with end users in a helpful way. The IoT will increase automation in homes, schools, stores, and in many industries.

The application of the IoT to the manufacturing industry is called the IIoT (or Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0). The IIoT will revolutionize manufacturing by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at far greater speeds, and far more efficiently than before. A number of innovative companies have started to implement the IIoT by leveraging intelligent, connected devices in their factories.