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About department CISN in ONPU

 The department traces its history to 1954, when at the electrical department was founded department automation. In 1959 the department was transformed into the Department of Automation and remote control. In 1969 the department was transformed into the Department of computers and the first in Odessa and southern Ukraine launched specialists in the field of computing. In 1993, at the Department of computers was created department of computer systems and intelligent networks (KISS) for training in the field of computer technology.

The department trains on three educational qualification levels:

-       Bachelor of direction "Computer Engineering"

-       Specialist and Master in "Computer systems and networks"

Specialization training department - training system engineers and system programmers.

4 taken on faculty research laboratories, as well as teaching and research center.

The Department is actively developing international cooperation. Students of the department are trained at universities in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, France and Spain. Members of the department participate in various Tempus projects. In the framework of the company «Phoenix Contact» (Germany, the project "EduNet") department received a set of micro-production of the company.

Scientific activity develops in the five basic areas of research models, methods, tools and technologies:

-       development of information systems for the strain measurement;

-       parallel synthesis and analysis of computer systems;

-       monitoring and diagnosis of computer systems;

-       construction and modeling of corporate computer networks;

-       analysis and synthesis of intelligent information processing.

Employees of the department regularly take part in regional, national and international conferences. The results of research have been implemented on a set of industrial enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.