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About Faculty of Applied Enginee in University of Antwerpen

The Faculty of Applied Engineering has a long tradition of cooperation with industry in the field of education as well as in applied research. The Lab Factory Automation (FAL) belongs to the Department of Electromechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Automation. It is a well equiped lab in PLC/PC/robotics and networks which was installed with financial contribution of  the European Social Fund (ESF), Flemish Government and Research projects.


The Lab Factory Automation relies on 3 pillars:


1.    Education of students

       Phoenix Contact (Master students), PLC S7 and Schneider (Modicon) controllers

       PLC networks: Profibus, Asi, Interbus, Industrial Ethernet, Basics of ethernet (IEEE802.3, Profinet, WLAN)

       OPC DA for datacollection in combination with Visual Basic, LabVIEW to develop a HMI-application and report tool (Excel reports)

       Robotics: 1 Panasonic, 4 Kuka, 1 Mitsubishi

       Vision technology


2.   Training for industrial partners


         PLC training: IEC 61131 standard

          PLC Schneider Modicon (Training Centre regio Antwerp for Schneider)

          Industrial PLC-networks: ASi, Profibus, and Industrial Ethernet (Basics, Profinet IO/CBA, ILAN and WLAN)

          OPC standards and  solutions (OPC DA and OPC UA)


Consultancy  for industrial partners


The target of all our consultancy tasks is the creation of flexible production-processes. We realize this by implementing automation technologies, which allows ‘open’ vertical data-flow between the production-floor (PLC, robot controllers etc.) and the administration - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This all happens under supervision of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Application of standards like OPC, ISA88, ISA95


3.  Research in OPC, MES and Vision in co-operation with  industrial partners


The research activities  started in 1997 with the coordination of European Projects. The objective was the education in automation systems

      • Adapt: Bussystems
      • ESF4: Soft- and SlotPLC, SCADA and OPC

These projects were extended by Flemish Projects: TETRA (abbr. TEchnology TRAnsfer), which objective it was

the cooperation in automation technologies with companies (SME)

      • CoNET: Industrial ethernet standards of different PLC platforms (Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Allen Bradley): PROFINET, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Wireless)


It was also this Lab who coordinated the Erasmus LLP project CoNeT: Cooperative Network Training (2009 - 2012) and which lead to the submission of the TATU project.