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About Department of computer technologies in the control and automation systems

The staff of the Department of computer technologies in the control and automation systems at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas is currently involved in a number of activities closely related to subject of the project. They are the following:

-         Development of WEB-oriented computer simulating complex to train operators of gas pumping units (GPU) for Dolyna linear production department of main gas pipelines. The complex structure includes information-educational module, trainer-simulator of GPU in regular and emergency modes, module of GPU operators certification and block of diagnosing of their psi chronological and functional status;

-         Development of WEB-oriented bench laboratory facilities to conduct practical and laboratory classes devoted to the following subjects: “Theory of automated control”, “Recognition and identification of objects”, “Local automated systemsandDesign of mechatronic systems;

-         Development of an interactive teaching program for students majoring in technical sciences with the application of hardware-software means of concern «Siemens» as well as specialized software;

-         Development distributing WEB-oriented systems with remote monitoring and control of oil and gas complex objects based on the commercial communication networks PROFIBUS, PROFINET and wireless connection GPRS;

-         Development of simulation model for testing and setting components of control systems based on OPC technology and PLC of different manufacturers.